The combination of various ancient healing methods is what makes HEALZ so effective and powerful. HEALZ offers simple step-by-step plans to make your symptoms disappear. The exercises in the app are based on the following Eastern medicine:



Reflex zone massage is one of the most powerful natural ways to reduce stress, pain and tension. The healing method assumes that specific areas on hands, feet and ears are connected to certain organs and body parts.

Massaging these zones remedies disruptions or blockages in the energy flow of the entire body and has a very positive and vitalizing effect on both body and mind. Moreover, it is a safe and relaxing form of massage.


Acupressure is part of the age-old Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Acupressure points are better known as acupuncture points, but without the use of needles. These points are located on certain energy lines, also known as meridians.

Interruptions in these meridians can cause discomfort or illness. On an acupressure point you can stimulate blocked energy to start moving again and thereby relieve these complaints.    


Body- and breathing exercises from the ancient Indian tradition.

Yoga poses have a stimulating and harmonizing effect on both blockages and weaker places in your body. Concentration and conscious breathing in the various postures establish a better balance between body and mind.


Quick and easy to perform yoga poses and breathing exercises for on the go or in between.

HEALZ teaches you to incorporate these short exercises into your daily routine.


Take your health into your own hands. Mudras are yoga exercises for your fingers and hands that you can do anywhere, anytime. Whether that is while sitting, lying, standing or walking. They provide a balance in energy between body and mind. Mudras are a combination of reflex zones and meridians.


Listen to your body

Do you have medical complaints that you can’t seem to find the cause of? More often than you might think, physical symptoms (illness, pain, inflammation, etc.) are the result of blocked feelings, ingrained thinking patterns and beliefs, pain or trauma.

From a holistic point of view, the body, mind and spirit are closely connected and thus sensations in our bodies can symbolize different things. For example, the spine represents sincerity, firmness and steadfastness. But also proverbs and sayings say a lot about your body, such as 'having something on your mind' or 'carrying a heavy burden on your shoulders'.

HEALZ gives you insight from this holistic view. By offering questions, it helps you to look at your complaint in a different way.


Chakra literally means circle or wheel. This comes from Sanskrit, an ancient sacred language that originated in India. There are seven chakras in your body, seven wheels of swirling energy.

When the chakras are balanced and rotate well, it gives you life force. If there is a blockage somewhere it can cause a stop in your energy flow. This can make you feel sick, sad, anxious or depressed. HEALZ helps you with chakra-exercises to let the energy flow through your body again.

Physical or psychological complaints can come from the imbalance of a specific chakra. Each chakra has its own energetic elements and HEALZ will help you with exercises and short meditations on the relevant chakra to get the energy flowing through your body again.

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