HEALZ helps you tackle the core of the problem in an easy way. HEALZ offers a variety of alternative healing methods supported by science for the below-mentioned conditions. And all in one app!

Burn-out & stress

Learn to reduce and control stress

Sleeping problems

Having trouble falling asleep and / or sleeping through the night? Do you sleep restlessly? HEALZ helps improve your sleep quality so that you no longer feel tired and lifeless.

Menstrual complaints

Do you suffer from physical and/or emotional menstrual complaints that prevent you from functioning normally? HEALZ heals your discomforts.

(Chronic) pain issues

The HEALZ app contains step-by-step plans that help you reduce persistent pain. This way you can improve the quality of life.

Sexual problems

Almost everyone is faced sometimes with a challenge concerning sexuality. This can be both mental as well as physical. Fortunately, a lot can be done about this!

Back complaints

Lower back pain, a stiff neck or a stabbing pain in your shoulders? The cause can be anything. Learn what you can do about your health, yourself.


Migraine or a stabbing pain in your head can pretty much ruin your day. With a few simple exercises you can massage it away, also while you’re at work!

Energy & balance

Do you miss energy, are you dreading to start the day, do you want an energy boost or do you feel that you are out of balance? HEALZ is your guide to a healthy and happy life!

Build up resistance by strengthening your immune system

Do you feel like you’re getting the flu or do you have an allergic reaction to something? The body can react very strongly to this. Take responsibility for your own health. Let HEALZ be your guide.

Stomach ache

Many people have abdominal complaints, which can vary from constipation to nausea or a nagging pain. Listen to your body! Complaints from the gastrointestinal tract can also refer to underlying emotional blockages.

Bladder complaints

Often having to get out of bed at night to pee is unpleasant. Just like incontinence or a bladder infection. Of course it is important to combat the physical symptoms. But the emotional cause also requires healing.

This will soon be updated with more conditions which HEALZ can help cure.

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